Nowadays, most of the foreigners from the different countries like to visit the destinations in India. This is because that, India from Himalayan peaks to the Indian Ocean Coastline has many adorable destinations and enchanting places to make tourists cherish.

When people who think of travelling to India, the first images that comes to their mind is the Agra’s iconic Taj Mahal, culture, delicious cuisines and more. Apart from these things, there is also variety of things to do in India. You can try different foods, try exploring different places like the tourist places in Kerala, or even spend your whole visit in the temples! 

In fact, most of the foreigners like to go to the first place when they are landed in India is Goa. Yes, Goa is city which is considered as the paradise of the beaches, fresh seafood and more. So, most of them are looking to enjoy their vacation in Goa.


And of course, for the animal lovers:

As well as, the animal lovers mostly love to travel to the Gir forest in Gujarat. In fact, this is the reserve and home for the violently protected Asiatic Lions. Of course, most of the foreigners like to stay in this wonderful place for the delicious local food too.

Of course, the Kerala is the nature gifted place in India and the foreigners never forget to visit this state every time they travel to India. Actually, it is a tropical state in India which is full of tea plantations, coconut trees with the natural destinations to give the refreshment to the travellers.

On top of all these areas, the Himalayas are the nation pride and so it attracts the foreigners and travellers towards its beauty. Furthermore, this vast glaciated height of the Himalayan Mountain has attracted the attention of the expert mountaineers and the adventurers from around the world. Besides these places, India has some other exciting destinations to make the foreign travellers to amaze.

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